About Our Company

Heart of Eden is the signature natural products line from Daily Blessings Farm, LLC. Daily Blessings Farm, LLC is a small, family-run operation, with a focus on creating products that are as natural as possible.

Being green with our farm practices has been a way of life for us and not just another buzz word. We use no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in our produce. Our hens & goats are raised using rotational grazing and pasturing. Their feed is without hormones, antibiotics or other chemical additives. We use goat milk from our dairy herd only, so we know the milk meets the quality that our products demand.

We are committed to treating the environment with the same TLC that we use in creating our products. We have switched to 100% biodegradable shrink wrap. In our quest to better the environment, we researched a variety of biodegradable options.  We found that NOT ALL BIODEGRADABLE CLAIMS ARE ACCURATE. There are some products available that claim to be made from corn.  While there is “some” corn in it, it also contains microscopic shreds of PVC plastic.  The corn will biodegrade, but the PVC will remain and will continue to pollute the environment. The truly biodegradable film that we have found can be composted and will completely decompose, usually within 1-3 years.  There are no plastic fragments left to build up, leaving a cleaner, more natural, environment.
We have also made a switch to Palm oil from sustainable sources only. Many of our containers are purchased through a clearing house that keeps those containers out of land fills.

Those who have used Daily Blessings Farm soap and skin care products, know how good your skin feels after using it.  Now, you can know that your environment and the environment for future generations will feel a little better, too.

Another important  reason to purchase luxury, natural, environmentally friendly, products from HEART OF EDEN by Daily Blessings Farm.


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